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The first and largest transportation company in Iran

Seven Seas Shipping agency and Int’l Transportation Co. Ltd is a private company with its head office in Tehran and branch offices and agents in all Iranian ports, borders and hinterlands.

Seven Seas management and its qualified operation and experienced sales and marketing team would be delighted to provide professional support and assistance to customers, principles and partners.

Our background

Seven Seas Ltd was established in 1990 by its founding members whose expertise in the field dates back to the 1970s in all modes of transport. Right from the inception the motto of the founders were based on the quality of services, teamwork and integrity.

During the entire period of operation, safeguarding the interest of customers, principles and partners has been vigorously pursued.

The company was predominantly engaged in the container liner agency representing the leading global operators. However in recent years due to the general expansion policy of the company as well as the demand of its customers, Seven Seas operations have reached to other areas of transport activities.

Seven Seas  is now proudly and confidently positioned to offer Tramp ship agency, Chartering, Project handling, General forwarding, Intermodal transportation and Transit operation both within Iran and to CIS countries as well as continuing to maintain its reputable liner agency.

Seven Seas has its head office in Tehran plus the branch office in Bandar Abbas .We have agents in all Iranian ports and borders as well as in hinterland destinations.

890 Thousands of loyal customers
20 Active branch in the world
190 Experienced technical expert
5000 Thousand kilometers Transfer

SevenSeas Awards

Professional and determined in a professional path
جشنواره صنایع برتر زمستان 1400
جشنواره صنایع برتر زمستان 1400
جشنواره صنایع برتر زمستان 1400
جشنواره صنایع برتر زمستان 1400
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